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    Before the advent of the POS systems, all cash registers used keyboards to enter the products. Some modern POS models still have a small keyboard together with it. The only problem with keyboards is that being a mechanical device, it is prone to failure and it has a redefined life span, just like anything that is part of a computer.
    Another problem with keyboards is that you can never seem to design a keyboard that will fit into any particular POS that will be easy to use. Nowadays, there is an invention that may replace the keyboard altogether, the touch screen.
    People may remember touch screens as an LCD screen where you can touch with your finger anything on the screen that you want to access. It is even easier to use than a mouse and can replace the mouse when using the computer.
    Without going into the intricacies of the touch screen interface, we try to explain the touch screen interface in most POS systems. The simplicity of the touch screen interface allows you to just use a finger to operate the POS without having to use a keyboard and a mouse to navigate the screen, this means faster access to its features and better accuracy of what happens.
    Most touch screen interface software allows you to still type on the screen using an on board keyboard and use the finger to type whatever you need to enter. The same holds true if you need to do calculations on the fly, you just open the calculator feature of the POS and you can do even scientific calculations if you need to, without using a mouse or keyboard.
    The biggest difference with using a best touch screen software screen compared to a keyboard is the speed of the transactions being done. You do not need to take your eyes off the screen to use the mouse or when typing, when you use the keyboard and since you use your fingers directly to point to what you want to point to, the time it takes to finish a transaction is definitely faster using a touch screen.
    Like I said, the biggest difference is the speed of the transaction being done since most other POS systems were designed for single finger use. All fonts and icons are big enough to fit a finger and they are spaced in such a way that no other icons will be inadvertently pressed while pressing other icons or buttons.
    If you are able to maintain your accuracy and speed while keeping a free hand to bag the products, this sells big time to the customers since they will see that your employees are competent and makes for a positive impact with them.
    And lastly, keeping your eyes on your customer while doing work at the checkout counter does wonders for customer support.

    Fancy these touch screen epos features for your store?

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